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The highest quality audio experiences for visual media, performing arts, producers, publishers, and broadcasters.

Our audio descriptions are the best quality you can provide your Blind and low vision audiences: technical excellence, well-crafted content, and carefully researched context. We work with professional union voice talent, and we work with consultants from specific cultural communities, as well as from the Blind and partially sighted community, on all of our projects.


Described Video

Also called Audio Description, we create narration with descriptions of the key visual elements of a film, television production, and videos of all kinds, such as setting, character descriptions, body language, and other key details that benefit blind and partially sighted audiences. All of our DV adheres to the codes and standards as set out by AMI/CAB and streaming services such as Netflix. Described Video service is available in English and French.

Live Audio Description

We are unique in our expertise of audio description of live events, such as performing arts, in real time as they are happening. This service is provided in-theatre and online via Zoom and other platforms. Our CEO’s professional experience as an actor and director make Superior Description Services special in our deep understanding of live events and the nuances of your audience’s audio described experience.

Extended Audio Description

To provide a fuller and more in depth experience for your audience, we extend our descriptions to include audio introductions and other content enhancements that enhance your audience’s understanding and experience of your production.

Image Description

We create detailed descriptions of images for gallery exhibitions, navigation, festivals, and audiobooks, in audio and text form. Our descriptions are the best quality you can provide for your audiences: we not only include detailed and accurate description of the visual, but also cultural or societal context, wayfinding friendly references, and anything else our consultants feel will support your audience.


We create podcasts that are entertaining for sighted, as well as blind and partially sighted listeners. Our podcast services include audio tours of exhibitions and festival sites, interviews, and vibrant narration.

Panels & Presentations

Rebecca Singh, CEO of Superior Description Services, is a frequent guest on panel discussions, workshop leader, and presenter at conferences and symposia. She speaks dynamically and knowledgeably about accessibility, audio description, diversity and inclusivity.

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Luminato Festival

Bespoke description services have included full service producing all audio descriptive elements of the festival, including Live Audio Description for performances, Image Description for exhibitions, and Podcasts.

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Project Re:Vision

Bespoke services in English and French have included Extended Audio Description for a thorough description of university level material, and handling a range of content and special projects, from Guiding Principles to the live launch of the Re•Vision Centre for Art and Social Justice.

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